"Bathroom provides a very personal space with privacy, relaxation and enjoyment in everyone's home.

Many great ideas and inspiration always come up during this short period of time.

However, people nowadays are too busy to have neglected the importance of this great moment.

INFINITE offers the most minimal, elegant and quality bathroom furnishing products that can fit into your bathrooms and create your own unique style so that every day you can spend the precious moment with the perfect enjoyment in your own personal space.

Let's explore the possibilites for your bathroom with INFINITE now!"

Kenneth Yeung, Founder of Winken Group, INFINITE & iBath


1998 | Graduated at Diocesan Boys' School

2003 | Graduated at Mechanical Engineering, HKU

2003 | 1st Job as Product Engineer in Excellent Limited (Hong Kong) and enter Bathroom Industry

2007 | Employed as Product & Marketing Manager in FoShan Wisdom Sanitary Ware Co Ltd. Bring in Solid Surfaces Bathroom Products production into China

2009 | Started Winken Limited, Trading Business of Bathroom Products

2010 | Started Dongguan INFINITE Sanitary Ware Co Ltd, producing Solid Surfaces Bathroom Products and export to Europe, Scandinavia, Australia market.

2013 | "INFINITE" 1st time particiapte in KBC Shanghai Exhibition & 1st version of iBath App was launched as E-Catalogue Platform

2014 | Set up 1st Winken HK Office & Showroom in Kwun Tong

2016 | 1st time participate in InHome Expo HK and started 1st INFINITE Concept Shop in HomeSqauare, Shatin

2018 | 2nd INFINITE Bathroom Boutique Shop in The One, TST & Started Winken Limited SZ Office and Showroom

2018 | Started INFINITE KITEC Showroom

2019 | Signed Exclusive Agent Agreement with LIXIL, Japan to distribute INFINITE Brand in Japan

Dec 2019 | 1st iBath Lounge was establish in QianHai, Shenzhen

2021 | "INFINITE" Brand is distributing in Korea

Dec 2021 | "iBath" is officially launched in GuangZhou Design Week

Dec 2021 | iBath Cafe was opened in NanShan, Shenzhen



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INFINITE:提升蝸居質素 為港人打造獨一無二浴缸 浴室潔具品牌INFINITE,專門為講求生活品味的客戶,設計時尚高級的浴室用品。公司自設廠房,多年來不斷研發產品迎合不同客人所需,其中特別為香港市場設計的迷你浴缸深得顧客喜愛。 INFINITE近年積極開拓內地市場,創新地透過開設餐廳、...

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随着“新零售”升级,各行业也悄然发生着转变。消费群体逐渐向年轻化、个性化转移,同时为企业的品牌重塑和新生提供了良好的机遇。如何不断创新品牌思路,提升品牌价值,是从业者的课题,跟随栏目走进“创新中国-魅力深圳”专题。 今日头条原文